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Welcome to the blog and CV of Richard Walker, a front end developer working at Cargo.

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A really interesting, short article about The Aesthetic-Accessibility Paradox – what it can be like trying to design for the minority and potentially alienating the majority.

It’s not just the article that’s interesting, the comments cover a wide range of views worthy of a read.

I know site speed is important, like, really important, so I thought I best dive a little further into achieving the ideal time-to-first-byte and aiming for 100/100 on Page Speed Insights. My conclusion is a mathematical one.

Website Optimisation = Head + Brick Wall - Blood.

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The title says it all! Want to know a little about CSS animation or see how we did some of the animations on the Cargo website? This is the post for you.

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A post over on the Cargo blog about running a Headless CMS.

I've been working with WordPress for a long time now, and have developed a pretty solid workflow to get a local database onto a dev environment and then over to live.

Listening to shows like ShopTalkShow has shown me how other people might approach the tasks of database management and specifically over to the plugin WP DB Migrate Pro.

When I started building websites all those years ago, I tried my hardest to ensure my production code was fully validated using online services such as HTML5 validator and CSS Validator.

Meticulously running my code through the validator made it seem like I was doing a better job when I finally got the green tick and launched the site.

It’s been a long time since I last got that green tick.

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A post over on the Cargo blog about my initial look into PostCSS and how it could be integrated into our workflow.